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The DVMEGA-Cast is an internet based HAM-tranceiver, providing you with D-star, DMR, and C4FM (YSF and FCS).

To add extra hotspot functionality, you can use this kit to upgrade! (Combine the kit with a radio-board, and receive a free antenna!)

We added AMBEserver to the image, so put a DVStick30 on the inside of the radio in the USB-port, and you have a working AMBEserver inside the unit.(AMBEserver option)

This rigid unit uses a 12VDC power supply (not included, option to add), consumes less than 1 Ampere (make sure to use a proper and clean powersupply, some switched powersupplies can generate interference), and has a nice touchscreen for selecting talkgroups and modes. Inside we have placed the AMBE3000 board (included), and a high-end CPU for optimal performance.
An integrated speaker in the fornt-panel gives a loud and crisp audio on all modes. Inside of the speaker-area we added a color-LED, showing the unit-status.
Pi-star is what we use as our base, which is one of the most reliable solutions. We added the web-interface for upgrading all modules in this radio, so no difficult menus.
The DVMEGA-Cast can 'transmit' using a yeasu microphone (mh48 type, NOT INCLUDED), which is also available from our shop if you need one (choose as an option). 
The internet connection used, is up to you, wired or wifi (using the supplied small USB-dongle at the rear).

External connections:

- DC12V barrelconnector (positive = centre)
- 3,5mm jack for external speaker
- USB connection for future extensions like a GPS
- yeasu microphone connector (MH48 compatible)
- USB-port with a wifi-dongle
- Ethernetport for wired ethernet connection.

The unit is high-end metal powdercoated, and its size is 20.5cm wide, 6.8cm high(incl feet), and 10.6 cm deep (volumeknob not calculated. 

note: This unit is fully functional, and we keep working on updates to improve the user-experience. 
         We did not add the microphone by default as many people already own a Yeasu-microphone.

Read this article in QST on the DVMEGA-Cast, page 50 and up!


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NEW Nextion FW ,  linked with your FW request.

Version 1.32 and display 1.28 are available for testing, read the readme first when downloading and installing. Release notes v 1.32.

Cast-Version 1.31 and display 1.27 are the last versions released, and the testversion : download at: https://www.dvmega.nl/update

Manual and display can be downloaded here as well.

In case you get a white screen after updating the firmware and / or use pwr off and on, please re-image your microSD with the latest Cast-image below.

PI-STAR 4.1.6 now availlable with extra's!!: 

Latest Pi-star Image without WLAN1 in interfaces file, Download latest PiStar-Cast-Image  and  Download Firmware Here on latest updates, and incluse AMBE-server for the USB-dongle (DVStick30) inside
 Now contains new funtions in the display, please update to CAST version 1.32 and display 1.28!


Experimental image: Download W0CPH-PiStar-Cast-Image 

- Hotspot/main radio switch from Display
- Modesenable/disable from Display

In some cases you can see certificate error message in the update screen. please find instructions here: http://www.combitronics.nl/download/error.pdf
-Note: WIFI-powersave fix is in this image, some wifi-dongles go into powersave after some time, this image fixes it. (wireless-power off is in the interfaces file)

After writing the new image to the microSD, open configuration, expert, and the FW

click the expand-fs button (bottom button). Unit will reboot when ready!


Manual release version V1.0.6

Version 1.32 release notes (upgrade instruction!)

Writing the SD-card in the CAST

AMBE and Board-connections.

Hotspot upgrade-Kit instruction manual

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