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Complete hotspot, assembled, and ready to use. This unit is based on Pi-star (,a DVmega Singleband radio (UHF), and an OLED display for information on the screen. Power is a standard 5V supply (microUSB), use one that can handle enough current (1 to 2 Amps).

NEW: now able to upgrade the DVMEGA-FW via webbrowser, and nanofan has automatic speedcontrol in this new hardware!

Ethernetport uses DHCP, and for wifi, you can use the tool on to create a file to copy in the BOOT folder of the preinstalled SD-card.

Support for D-star, DMR, C4FM, to configure it yourself, just open http://pi-star on your pc, and you can set it up.

NOTE: it can take up to a few minutes before the display shows something!

This unit is complete with Antenna, and preinstalled Pi-star image. If you provide callsign etc, we will set that for you. (no powersupply included)
For the latest images, and FW check the Firmare Tab.

Instructions for imaging the microSD can be found here.

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NanoPi-pistar image to recover the nanopi-sdcard: is the version 4.1.6 of pi-star including the fan system and  disable powersave for wifi.

Radio-board stable release version 3.26:

DVMEGA Firmware 3.26 

Stable release 3.19:

DVMEGA Firmware 3.19

Xloader software to upload:




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